“It has been my great good fortune to have worked with Polly Carlton, first at Carlton Thompson and now at Winslow Interiors. I can only echo other testimonials in my praise for her good taste, excellent eye, infinite patience, bottomless good humor and attention to detail. She works with only the most skilled crafts people in her untiring quest to bring her clients a finished project that is both beautiful and cost effective. Polly is skilled at envisioning space and her designs are magical. I can’t imagine working with anyone who can make a day of appointments to choose fabric, finishes and all the details that go into interior design more fun. Her energy is infectious and she is just plain good company! I wish I could afford to do every room in my house with Polly just to spend the hours and days with such a wonderful and talented woman.”

Sandy Daly

Bryn Mawr, PA

“There is no one better to help you with your renovation or interior design challenges than Polly Carlton of Winslow Interiors. She is the very best in her field! Polly not only has refined sensibilities, excellent taste, and mountains of resources and contacts at her fingertips, she is practical and extremely skilled in all areas of design, architectural renovation, materials and construction. Wrap all this up with the ability and desire to truly listen to her clients and you have a visionary ally in your design adventure who is beyond compare. Her sunny personality makes you eager to discuss any and all design concerns with her without hesitation, because you can tell that she really cares.

When Polly and I teamed up to give my kitchen a complete overhaul, I knew that the results would be spectacular. We spent many lunches pouring over books and magazines, oohing and ahhing, laughing and dreaming up fabulous floor plans, cabinet and counter configurations, and magical tile details, window treatments, flooring samples and sundry handles, knobs, finials and finishes.

Polly gently and confidently guided me through the renovation, every step of the way. She never got exasperated with me and my endless tweaking of the plan. Instead, we laughed and had enormous fun. AND, my finished kitchen is the most stunning room in my home and the most beautiful space I’ve ever called my own. Every time I enter my “authentic” French country kitchen, I take in a deep breath of appreciation for Polly Carlton and Winslow Interiors for helping me to create a kitchen that exceeds my wildest dreams! ”

Shane Forbes

Langhorne, PA

“We LOVE the bathroom. There isn’t a day that goes by without both of us singing its praises. What a difference it makes to the house, and to our happiness. You did an amazing job picking out the materials and designing it. We can’t thank you enough. (And hope to be able to enlist your help in future renovation projects, too!)”

Megan Ranney

East Greenwich, RI